InquiryOwase business hotel

The reservation can be made by the reservation form,
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Frequently asked questions from customers are listed.
Please take a look on the list.

QIs there microwave oven?
All rooms have the ones.
Beside microwave oven, the refrigerator is set,
QPlease tell me how the valuables are kept.
Please acknowledge that customers are liable for all the languages, valuables, and money.
The hotel is not liable for theft, loss, and damage, and regardless of any kind of causes.
QPlease tell me the time for checking in and out.
Check in:16:00~22:00
Check out:10:00
QCan you postpone check out time?
Yes, you can. 1000 yen per person needs to be paid for every two hours. Please contact the reception desk for detail.
QPlease tell me the accommodation for child.
The accommodation fee for children who are older than elementary school students is 2500 per person.
The children who are younger than elementary school students are free to co-sleep.
QDo you have the delivery service?
Cash on arrival is only available.
Please ask at the front desk for any request.
QIs there any convenience store nearby?
Yes, it is within 100m radius from the hotel entrance.
QIs there curfew?
No, the front desk turns off the light at 22. Please bear in mind that in advance.
QIs there any restaurant nearby?
Yes. Please refer to this page for detail.
QIs there any hot spring nearby?
Yes. Please refer to this page for detail.
QIs there any coin laundry?
Yes there is.
There are two location within 3 minutes’ walking distance.

Inquiry by telephone


We accept phone call for the inquiry at the time between 10:00 and 22:00.
Please call us for when you are hurry.

Inquiry by email

We accept email for your inquiry. Please feel free to ask us.
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