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We want you to know the present and the past of Mie, Owase.
Owase business hotel

40 years favors from customers
Welcome to Owase business hotel

Owase business hotel has been used for 40 years as a reasonable business hotel whose location is most appropriate for the sightseeing of Kumano old path. since its foundation in 1977.

Please come to Owase business hotel for the business hotel and the accommodation uses

Spend the time in abundant nature, history and culture

Owase-shi is the city whose population is 17,884 (based on the population registry of Owase-shi in 2019). The thriving forestry and fishery features Owase because the 90% of the area is covered by the forest and it faces to Kumano-nada where the black current flows. It is also appropriate for Kumano old path, and a lot of tourists visit there. Furthermore, Owase mita thermal power plant which had been operated as a symbol of Owase since 1964 ends its role and is being demolished. As Owase faces the big turning point, would you like to come across the moment where the past and the future intersects?

Good restaurants and hot spring for a day trip are in the vicinity of the hotel.

Owase business hotel takes about five minutes’ walk from Owase station. The historical restaurants that make use of the wonderful food stuff and the facilities with open-air bath that have panoramic view of Owase bay, which entertains you as well as the deep ocean water used in the baths only produced from Kii peninsula.

Recommended accommodation plan

For single or family, either plan is available.

5 minutes’ drive from Kisei Express way
5 minutes’ walk from Owase station

We introduce four seasons of Owase.

We introduce seasonal events of Owase including Owase harbor festival.